This group includes the genera Aeomutn, Green-ovia, Sempervivum, Aichryson, and Monanthes. AEONIUM. Natives of the Canary Islands, Madeira, and N. Africa, these plants form rosettes of leaves at the ends of stems of branches There are about 36 species and many hybrid forms They are easy to grow, very suitable or cuItiva ion in living-rooms, and should be freely watered in summer The compost recommended is 2 parts leaf soil, 1 part loam, and 1 part sharp sand.

Sandy compost, with a few chippings of limestone added. The leaves form rosettes which die after flowering. Bright yellow flowers are produced in April and May. Plenty of water should be given in the growing season, but the plants should be kept fairly dry in winter.

Greenovia atirea. Forms low clumps. The cup-shaped rosettes are grey-green, covered with a blue-green waxy coating. A beautiful species.

Greenovia gracilis. Forms clumps, somewhat prostrate. The rosettes are numerous and small, bright grey-green, with a covering of whitish wax.

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