Sempervivum- House Leek

Hardy perennials with evergreen rosettes and attractive long-stalked flowers.


As the name implies, the plant grows on house structures, eg roofs, where it will survive periods of drought, the plants being satisfied with extremely little water. They love the sun, and the rosettes will spread to form an entire mat. Useful for dry spots, also for trough gardens.


Immaterial, provided it is dry.


By division, species also from seed.

Sempervivum tectorum, common house leek: Height 10-15 cm; pink flowers in mid to late summer. Dark-green leaves, often with a pink margin.

Sempervivum zelebori: Height 10-20 cm; greenish-yellow flowers in mid summer. Fine garden forms, for instance ‘Rheinkiesel’ where the rosettes are covered in silvery cobweb filaments, and ‘Triste’, with coppery foliage.

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