T. This genus includes two species of gigantic Californian evergreens, among the oldest of all living trees. They do best on deep, moist soils and in their early years appreciate shelter from strong winds. Sequoia sempervirens (Taxodium sempervirens) or Californian redwood has thick, reddish-brown bark and in its native habitat grows to about 130 ft. (one specimen 368 ft. high has been recorded). In this country there are several trees over 100 ft. especially in Hampshire. Sequoia wellingtonia, also known as Sequoia gigantea, Wellingtonia gigantea, big tree and mammoth tree, dislikes shallow, chalky land but is not otherwise difficult. Height about the same as S. sempervirens. Sequoias are increased by imported seeds sown in a cold frame in spring, or by cuttings taken in late summer. See also METASEQTJOIA GLYPTOSTROBOIDES.

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