Sidalcea: Growing Guide

Hardy perennials with saucer-shaped flowers in elongated spikes.


Fine border plants; as a result of crossing, a number of valuable colour shades have been achieved.

They tolerate partial shade.


Not very critical; the soil should preferably be sandy, but not too dry.


Garden forms can only be increased by division. Seed will produce new varieties.

Sidalcea hybrids: Height 60-80 cm; flowering through summer months, leafy stems bearing flowers at the tip. The following are fine strains: ‘Brilliant’, bright red; ‘Elsie Heugh’, satiny pink; ‘Mr Lindberg’, dark carmine-pink; ‘Mrs. T Anderson’, deep pink; ‘Scarlet beauty’, carmine red; and ‘Sussex Beauty’, bright pink. White flowers only occur in the species Sidalcea Candida; they are fairly small.

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