Siderasis fuscata

Brown Spiderwort is native to Brazil. Many members of the family Commelinaceae are succulent perennial herbs, others are perennial herbs without succulent leaves, and still others are annuals. A typical feature of all the genera are 3-merous flowers growing from the axils of the leaves; the fruit is a capsule. Their natural range of distribution is in the tropics and sub-tropics. However the delimitation of the individual genera of the family is not simple, and botanists concerned with the study of this family differ markedly in their opinions. Siderasis is one of the small genera. S. fuscata forms compact rosettes of broadly ovate, generally bluntly-tipped leaves. A white stripe along the midrib makes an attractive contrast with the olive-green of the upper surface. The leaves are completely covered with brownish-red hairs.

It requires quite a high temperature. Regular watering and misting are essential for good growth. Propagate by means of stem cuttings.

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