Sinningia Hybrids – Gloxinia

Gloxinia is one of the most beautiful and sensational of houseplants. Clusters of large, velvety, trumpet-shaped flowers surmount beautiful foliage in this low growing plant. A vast range of very pure colours is available.

Where to position: In plenty of light but protected from sun and draughts.

Watering requirements: Lukewarm water daily to keep soil moist in growing period. Avoid water on leaves or flowers. Mist-spray daily in hot weather when not in flower. Avoid droplets on leaves – shake them off. It likes humidity.

EPSON DSC picture

General care: Give weak liquid fertilizer once every week. Carefully cut off faded blooms and damaged leaves; dust any open wounds lightly with a powder fungicide.

Rest: After flowering, stop water and feeding; let it die down completely. Dust with fungicide powder and place in dark, frost-free spot until spring. In late April, re-pot the tubers in fresh compost and in a clean pot. Place in a warm position and water lightly. When growth starts, increase water and begin slowly to feed. Keep water away from the crown of the plant.

When it looks sick:

Leaves limp and dull, the flower trumpets tending to collapse : Check the soil; if dry, water and spray. If the soil is moist, spray the plant and improve humidity.

Leaves firm but lacking a healthy deep green gloss : May be aphids.

Rotting spots on leaves : Caused by water droplets after watering or spraying. Dust affected areas lightly with fungicidal powder.

Temperatures: Growing season Minimum winter

22-24 °C (72-75 °F) Store tubers in dry frost-free place.

Soil: A soil-less compost.

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