P. These attractive plants with rush-like foliage and clusters of blue, yellow or white flowers in summer, are known under a variety of popular names, e.g. blue-eyed grass, pig root, rush lily, satin flower. They dislike dryness at the roots during the summer and it is advisable to plant in cool, peaty soil. Easily increased by division in spring. Sisyrinchium angustifolium (gramineum) has greyish-blue leaves and bright blue flowers on 9 in. stems in early summer. S. striatum reaches 2 ft. with yellow flowers in June. S. cuspidatum has white flowers with maroon markings on 9 in. stems in early summer. S. grandiflorum (Doug-lasii) should be given a sheltered position as it blooms in February. Colour deep purple. Height 5 — 6 in. There is a white form.

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