Skimmia: Growing Guide

Evergreen shrubs, not entirely winter-hardy, though in coastal and southern regions there will be few problems.


In the mixed border, where they are especially valuable for their appearance in winter. Also in other situations; they do not grow very large and tolerate a certain amount of shade.


Acid, damp soil, rich in humus.


From seed or from summer cuttings.

Skimmia X foremanii: Height 50 cm; spear-shaped leaves, somewhat yellowish green. The flower buds are rose red and are visible throughout the winter; they open into white flowers in mid to late spring. Pear-shaped red berries.

Skimmia japonica: Height to 1.5 m; leaves narrow, oval and dark-green. White flowers in mid spring. A dioecious shrub, so in order to produce berries a male and a female should always be planted together.

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