Solidago- Golden Rod

Vigorous perennials, the flower plumes are always yellow.


Good border plants, not easily damaged. The soft yellow shades, in particular, are beautiful in colour combinations.


Any standard garden soil will do.


By division in spring; use only the outside parts of the clumps and discard the centre.

Solidago hybrids: Height 25-80 cm; yellow flowers in horizontal plumes in late summer to mid autumn. The following are beautiful hybrids: ‘Golden Dwarf, not beyond 25 cm; ‘Golden Mosa 60 cm, with golden yellow, branched plumes; ‘Golden Wings’, 120 cm, elongated plumes, deep yellow; ‘Laurin’, 30 cm, golden yellow; ‘Lemore’, 60 cm, more rounded plumes, softer yellow; ‘Strahlenkrone’, 60 cm, level plumes, star-shaped golden-yellow flowers.

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