Sorbaria- False Spiraea

Deciduous shrubs with composite leaves, creating the impression of a wild plant.


Attractive at the back of the shrub border; also suitable for semi-wild gardens. The shrubs have a very natural appearance.


Will grow in all conditions.


From root-runners, but also from summer cuttings.

Sorbaria aitchisonii: Height to 3 m; large white flower plumes in early to mid summer. Composite green leaves; the leaflets being spear-shaped. Develops a large number of suckers.

Sorbaria sorbifolia: Height to 1.5 m; elongated plumes of white flowers in early to mid summer.

Sorbaria tomentosa: Height to 3 m; white flower-plumes in mid to late summer. Resembles the previous species, but is less winter-hardy – all the species resemble each other to some extent.

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