Spathiphyllum White Sails; 13°C/55°F; Tropical America

These are two that the houseplant grower is likely to come across: 5. wallisii growing to a maximum height of about 46cm/18in and S. x ‘Mauna Loa’, a much more majestic plant with flowering stems that may attain a height of 91-122cm/3-4ft in good specimens. Being aroids both require moist conditions at their roots and a humid atmosphere, as well as light shade in preference to strong light. When potting use a peaty mixture and to increase plants the roots should be divided and pieces potted up individually. This can be done at any time if plants are not in flower. The flowers are white in colour and consist of a waxy upright spathe and give an exotic touch to a plant collection; even after losing their white colour they retain a dull green colour that has a certain amount of appeal with their bright green shiny leaves.

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