FLOWERING SHRUB. Easily-grown, deciduous shrubs, mostly attaining 5 — 7 ft. usually with white flowers. Spiraea arguta is sometimes called foam of May. It blooms in April. S. prunifolia plena has large, double flowers in early spring. The small, glossy green leaves assume orange-red hues in early autumn. Anthony Waterer is a useful variety for the front of a shrub border. It does not usually exceed 5 ft. and is often cut back in spring to about 18 in. from soil level. The rosy-crimson flowers appear in July and August. S. Menziesii triumphans is a rather similar colour, somewhat taller to about 7 ft., and blooms at the same time. It is unhappy on thin, chalky soils. Spiraeas are increased by cuttings of half-ripe wood in July or August or by division.

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