St. Bruno’s Lily – Anthericum

The St. Bruno’s Lily is a delightful little plant, a native of the meadows of the Alpine regions and equally at home when planted in grass in partial shade as it is in the rockery, where its dainty madonna lily-like blooms are borne on 12-in. stems above pale green grass-like foliage. It is a charming plant for the alpine house, grown in small pots containing plenty of peat and it will flower during late spring.

St. Bruno's Lily - Anthericum

Like most bulbs, it likes a well-drained, humus-laden soil. In the rockery it should be planted in pockets of peat in September. It is perfectly hardy, quite inexpensive and for early summer flowering should be planted much more widely. It is occasionally known as Paradisea liliastrum and should be planted 2 in. deep. There is a smaller-flowering species known as St. Bernard’s Lily, which also flowers during late May and June and should be given exactly the same cultural treatment. When planting both species in pots, remember to use plenty of sand or grit with the peat and loam.

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