Stachys- Woundwort

Hardy perennials varying considerably in appearance.


Excellent border plants; they tolerate a certain amount of shade; beautiful colours.


Any type of garden soil; it may be quite dry.


By division; also from seed.

Stachys byzantina syn Stachys olympica or Stachys lanata, lamb’s ears: Height 30-70 cm; lilac flowers in pseudo-spikes in summer months. The decorative value however lies chiefly in the oblong, felty grey leaves, which are often very useful in the border. ‘Silver Carpet’, is a non-flowering, ground-covering cultivar.

Stachys grandiflora: Height 40-70 cm; hooded lilac-pink flowers in solid spikes in summer months. The oblong to heart-shaped leaves grow on long stalks; their surface is a deeply veined green. ‘Alba’ has white flowers.

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