This genus includes a wide range of plants with blue, pink, mauve, yellow or white, funnel-shaped papery flowers which are frequently dried for winter decoration. They do well on hot, dry soils. The following grow to about 18 in. and are half-hardy annuals, although they can be sown outdoors later in April or May and treated as hardy annuals. Statice bonduelli is yellow, S. sinuata Market Grower’s Blue a pleasing deep blue. S. s. rosea superba is rose-pink. There is a good white variety and a mixed strain will give various attractive shades. S. Suworowi is bright rose. S. latifolia (Limonium latifolium) is a perennial border species with glossy green leaves and clear mauve flowers from June to August. Violetta is violet-blue. Height about 2 ½ ft. Can be increased by division in spring.

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