Stephanandra: Growing Guide

Inconspicuous, deciduous shrubs, densely covered in small leaves.


Although fairly tall, they make good ground-cover. May also be used to hide drain covers or over stones, as well as planted as undergrowth. Tolerate a fair amount of shade.


Any standard garden soil which does not become too wet in winter.


From root runners.

Stephanandra incisa: Height approx. 1 m; small, cream-coloured flowers in 5 cm long plumes in early to mid summer. The round leaves are deeply incised, lobed, and turn yellow in the autumn. ‘Crispa’ has curled, more deeply incised foliage.

Stephanandra tanakae: Height to 2 m; somewhat longer flower plumes, to 10 cm. Oval, sharply lobed and doubly serrated leaves, pointed, with very fine yellow and orange colouring in autumn.

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