Stokesia cyanea – Laevis

Stokesia Cyanea, or laevis as it is sometimes called, is an interesting perennial plant. It has large lavender-blue flowers, which resemble the well-known annual China Aster and are often 3 in. in diameter. They commence to appear in late August and, under ordinary conditions, continue to do so until early November.

The plant is of a branching habit with leafy stems from 1 to 2 ft long. It likes a sunny position and a well-drained ground.

Excellent as a cut flower, as it remains in fresh condition for a long time, S. cyanea can easily be raised from seed, while plants divide well in the early spring.Stokesia cyanea

There are several good forms of this plant, including S. cyanea alba, a fine white; S. cyanea lutea, creamy white; S. cyanea rosea, pink, and S. praecox, the latter form being the earliest to flower. Because of their free-flowering capabilities and suitability for cutting, stokesias deserve to be much more widely grown than they are at present.

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