An attractive plant for the front of the border with large, cornflower-like blooms from early July onwards. Stohesia laevis (cyanea) is the only species, reaching 15 in. There are lavender-blue, purple and white forms. Increase by division in spring.

STOOL. This term has two distinct meanings. A stool bed is a bed set apart by nurserymen to provide plants for cuttings, layering, budding, grafting etc. Amateurs use the word stool to denote the old roots of raspberries, chrysanthemums etc., which are used to make new plants.

STOPPING. This term refers to the removal of the growing tip of any plant to encourage the production of side shoots. Many bedding plants such as antirrhinums are stopped to make the plants more bushy, but the practice is most common with chrysanthemums and perpetual-flowering carnations, where the object is to regulate the time of flowering.

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