The young plants are stemless, but they have short stems when old. They are tufted plants forming clumps, the leaves 4 to 6 on a growth. The genus is a native of Cape Province. The growing period is in summer, when they require a light position. In winter, they should be kept dry. All are easy to grow.

Stomatium erminium. The leaves are close together and spreading, with a narrow base, the upper side flat, the lower side convex and keeled; the edges have 3 or 4 short, straight teeth. The plant is grey-green in colour, and the leaves are roughened with numerous rays of transparent dots. Flower, yellow.

Stomatium suaveolens. Has very fleshy leaves, erect or spreading, with the backs very rounded and distinctly keeled towards the tip; the edges have 1 to 5 small teeth; pale green, with pale dots. Flower, yellow.

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