This plant is closely related to marantas and requires very similar culture and treatment. It is of Brazilian origin and was a great favourite in the warm greenhouses of Victorian times. Lately it has been re-introduced as a houseplant. It makes a neat pot plant growing to about 30-45cm (1-1 jit) high. The handsome oval leaves are variegated with light and dark green herring-bone markings, often with silvery streaks.

Stromanlhes thrive in the modern peat-based potting composts, but appreciate a moist atmosphere and should never be

allowed to dry out completely. They are useful for the more shady parts of the home, provided the necessary warmth and moisture can be maintained, and grow well in groups with other plants. Propagation is by division of established clumps in spring or early summer. Pests and diseases are unusual, aphids being the most likely. Chills and erratic temperatures may cause the leaves to shrivel and turn brown around the edges. See also calatheas and marantas.

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