This consists of a large group of plants, with three divisions, Bryophyllum, Kalanchoe, and Kitchingia, all having tubular flowers in four parts with the petals united, except at the tips.

KALANCHOE. These plants form shrubs, and grow erect. They are natives of Asia, Africa, and America. Some species are suitable for growing in rooms. All require a compost consisting of a parts leaf soil, 1 part loam, and 1 part sharp sand. The growing period is in summer.

Kalanchoe beharensis. A tree-like plant, with plushlike leaves, silvery on the underside, green and rust-coloured on the top. The species sheds the lower leaves, leaving only a few pairs at the top of the plant. Flowers are hardly ever produced in cultivation.

Kalanchoe Daigremontianum. More popularly known as Bryophyllum Daigremontianum. An erect-growing plant, becoming about 36 inches high. The shiny green leaves, 5 inches long, are irregularly flecked on the underside. The edges are crenulate, with adventitious buds growing in the notches.

Flowers, yellow to pink. The adventitious buds, taken from the leaves and placed upon soil, soon grow into attractive young specimens.

Kalanchoe tomentosa. A lovely species, with branched stems. The leaves are obovate, elongated, the surface covered all over with short hairs. They are yellowish-white, the upper part having brown pointed crenulations.

Kalanchoe marmorata. A shrubby plant, branching from the base. The green leaves have a grey waxy coating, both sides being mottled with large brown markings. The flower is white. A very beautiful species.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana. A small shrub with erect stems, about 12 inches high. The leaves are dark green, edged with red. The scarlet flower appears from January to April. Makes a very beautiful flowering plant.

Kalanchoe tubiflorum. More commonly known as Bryophyllum tubiflorum. The stems are erect, about 20 inches high, the leaves almost cylindrical, often slightly grooved, and crenulate, with adventitious buds growing towards the tips. Flower, orange-red.

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