Suitable material for upright drying

Achillea or Yarrow Flower heads can also be dried hanging upside down.

Allium (garlic) Can also be dried flat.

Artichoke, globe Strip off the leaves, run a sharp knife down the stems to remove the prickles and stand the large purple flower heads (picked when only half developed) in deep containers to dry.

Bluebell (Sc/7/a) Leave the stems on the plant until they have started to dry. Stand loosely in a wide container to allow free circulation of air round the heads.

Grape Hyacinth (Muscarf) As for Bluebell.

Giant Hogweed This plant, which looks like overgrown rhubarb, is a vigorous grower. It has huge umbrella-shaped clusters of pale green seed pods which can be used in large arrangements or separated into tiny sprays for smaller designs. The heads are rather top heavy, so stand the hollow stems in a bucket filled with dry sand to anchor them while drying.

Golden Rod (Solidago) Hardy perennial Can also be dried hanging upside down.

Honesty (Lunaria) Hardy biennial Stand the stems in a wide container, or distribute into several. The papery seedpods are carried on long lateral shoots and the stems easily become intertwined. Rub off the two brown outside layers when the pods have dried, to reveal the silvery petallike centres. Can also be dried upside down.

Lavender (Lavandula) Hardy shrub Lavender flowers, picked before they are fully de-veloped, can be dried upright, upside down, or in a container with a little water. Allow the water to be taken up, but do not replenish.

Pinks (Dianthus) Hardy perennial Pick the flowers before they are fully open. To retain the natural colour, it is important to keep them in a dark place. Pinks can also be dried in desiccants.

Santolina or Lavender Cotton Hardy shrub When dried, the tiny flower heads fade from bright yellow to yellowish brown.

Spiraea Hardy perennial The white flowers of the variety Meadowsweet dry pale parchment colour.

Sweet William {Dianthus) Hardy biennial Pick the flower heads just before they are fully open; they will dry into balls of muted coloured flowers.

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