Symphoricarpos- Snowberry

Deciduous shrubs bearing large berries in autumn.


As they tolerate a great deal of shade, they are often used as undergrowth; but in the sun the berries are produced in greater profusion.


Will grow practically anywhere.


From suckers or by division. The species can also be grown from seed.

Symphoricarpos albus var laevigatus, common snowberry: Height to 1.5 m, spreading habit; rather insignificant pink flowers early summer to early autumn, followed by a profusion of white berries.

Symphoricarpos X chenaultii: Height to 2 m; rose-red flowers in early to mid summer; rose-red berries. Particularly fine berries are produced by ‘Magic Berry’, from lilac-red fruits; ‘Mother of Pearl’ has pearly berries, and ‘White Hedge’ has white. These are the most beautiful garden strains.

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