Syngonium Goose Foot Plant; 15°C/60°F

In warm, humid conditions syngoniums (often sold as nephthytis) are very free growing plants that may be allowed to trail or be trained to grow on a support. They are similar in appearance, habit and cultural requirements to the climbing philodendrons. Less free in room conditions, but fine plants nevertheless. S. podophyllum ‘Emerald Gem’ is possibly the most popular. Leaves are glossy green and resemble the imprint of a goose foot. Its leaves change dramatically as it ages. Young plants have single 8cm/3in dark green leaves with silvery markings. Later, these develop into three unequal lobes and eventually up to 11 leaflets appear in the shape of an open fan and entirely green. They do best in bright indirect light and in barely moist loam-based soil. Easily increased in a warm propagator by using stem cuttings with two leaves attached.

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