Syngonium podophyllum ‘Albolineatum’

Goose Foot is an aroid native to the forests of Central America, where it climbs up tree trunks. The stems are covered with numerous aerial roots as well as alternate, long-stalked leaves. These are extremely variable: those of juvenile forms are completely different from the leaves of adult plants – sagittate at first, later divided into five to nine leaflets. The leaves of the cultivar ‘Albolineatum’ have prominent, yellow or white markings. It is generally grown for its ornamental foliage, but the flowers, consisting of a spadix enclosed by a yellowish-white spathe, are also decorative. The fruit is a berry coloured deep red when ripe.

This is a rapidly-growing plant, particularly if it is provided with sufficient light. However, it also tolerates partial shade. When grown in full sun the colour of the leaves fades. It requires quite high humidity. The optimum temperature for growth is 20° C (68° F); in winter 18°C (64° F) is sufficient. Propagate by tip or stem cuttings, taken with at least two leaves. Other conditions are the same as for Monstera obliqua . It is very well suited for growing on an epiphyte stump, which it soon covers, or trained over a framework such as a room divider. It is also effective grown together with brightly flowered plants.

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