H. A. Amateurs are often confused about the distinctions between tagetes, calendula and marigold. The varieties of Calendula officinalis, the Scotch or pot marigold, including Orange King, Radio etc., are described under CALENDULA . The genus Tagetes covers the African and French marigolds, also the species Tagetes signata which includes several varieties suitable for edgings. The African marigolds include clear yellow and orange varieties, varying in height from 18 in. to 2 ½ ft., also the carnation-flowered strain which has long, loose petals. The French marigolds include the very showy Harmony (Orange Crown), centre deep orange with outer petals maroon-brown. Naughty Marietta is golden yellow with maroon blotches, about 10 in., and Dainty Marietta a shorter edition of this variety, only 6 in. high. Golden Gem is a variety of T. signata with bright yellow flowers on compact, bushy 6 in. plants. It is an ideal edging subject.

All the foregoing are usually treated as half-hardy annuals, but later sowings can be made outdoors in early May.

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