Tagetes- Marigold

Annual plants with brightly coloured flowers, best known as bedding plants.


In beds; also to combat eelworm, by reason of the odours the plants exude. Need sun or partial shade.


Any standard garden soil is acceptable.


Sow from early spring onwards, under glass. Prick out under glass, harden off in late spring, and plant outside 20-30 cm apart.

Tagetes erecta, African marigold: Height 25-75 cm; very strongly scented foliage; flowers in a variety of shapes, yellow or orange. Only the dwarf forms are suitable as bedding plants.

Tagetes patula, French marigold: Height 20-70 cm; somewhat longer flower stalks than in the previous species, A large selection to choose from, and now also with brown-red flowers.

Tagetes tenuifolia, Mexican marigold: Height 20-70 cm; tiny single, star-shaped flowers in yellow or orange.

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