Tall lilies as dot plants

Not to be missed is the wonderful effect a clump of white, trumpet lilies produces. Plant from 12 to 20 bulbs in an area of about TO to 20 square feet near the garden entrance or in the vicinity of a terrace; alternatively, plant them in a bed in the lawn, without companion plants, and preferably in a spot where the 40-60 inch tall plants can be seen in outline against the sun, or against a dark leafy background, or even a distant wood. The bulbs will multiply in the course of time and produce ever-stronger and more colourful groups. Suitable varieties are the L. imperiale hybrids like the Olympic hybrids Black Dragon, Green Dragon, Sentinel and others. Plantings need not be confmed to white lilies only, as clumps of gold-yellow-flowering Royal Gold and Golden Regal are equally effective.

For planting lilies in shrubberies, the taller Aurelian hybrids have the advantage of flowering above the lower-growing shrubs; the effect is heightened if even taller shrubs and trees are available on the site to provide additionally leafy background. The Aurelian hybrids grow 5-6 feet tall and come in a wide range of colours – white, lemon, chrome-yellow, gold-yellow, apricot, and bright copper. They look equally attractive whether planted singly or in groups, directly in front of shrubs; a charming picture can be created if yellow and gold-coloured lilies are planted next to summer or late summer-flowering helcnium, phlox, solidago and rudbeckia, but, again, a leafy background enhances the beauty of the contrast. If the wonderful colours of the Pink Perfection strain and the clones Damson and Verona are not to suffer, they should not be exposed to very hot sun and should therefore be planted on the northern or eastern perimeter of a wood or shrubbery.

Background for lilies

The white Turk’s Caps L. martagon var. album and L. taliense shine magically, like pearls, if given a dark background of rhododendron or fir trees, which they require for best effect. This also holds true for the many lighter-coloured Martagon hybrids available: Paisley hybrids, Terrace City hybrids, and Painted Lady hybrids. Aruncus Sylvester makes an enchanting background for the dark-red and brown Martagons. If possible, they should be planted near a path, to allow better observation of their jewel-like beauty and delicately shaded colours and markings.

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