Tamarix- Tamarisk

Conifer-like deciduous shrubs; the tiny leaves are scale-shaped.


Occasionally as specimen plants, also for planting among other shrubs and in semi-wild gardens.


Tolerates salt, but the soil must not be too dry.


From winter cuttings.

Tamarix parviflora: Height to 5 m; small, deep-pink flowers arranged in large plumes in mid to late spring.

Arching twigs, purple red.

Tamarix pentandra: Height to 5 m; pink flowers in late summer and early autumn. May be cut back drastically in spring.

Tamarix tetrandra: Height to 3 m; the rose-red flowers appear before the foliage, in mid to late spring. Less winter-hardy than the two previous species. Flowering branches may be used in vases.

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