Tetrastigma voinieranum (syn. Vitis voinierana)

This species is a rare, evergreen liana, native to north Vietnam. It is usually grown in a greenhouse rather than in the home because it is so big. However, it may be kept within reasonable bounds by pruning. The leaves are long-stalked and five-lobed, composed of leathery leaflets up to 25 cm (10 in) long. They are coarsely toothed on the margin, glabrous above and brownish-felted on the underside. The generic name is derived from Greek (tetra = four, and stigma), and refers to the structure of the (lowers. These are 4-merous and have a four-branched stigma, unlike the other members of the vine family, which have a cephaloid stigma.

Normal room temperature is sufficient. In winter, the plant will tolerate temperatures as low as 10°C (50° F). Water liberally in summer and moderately in winter. It should be grown in a nourishing compost. Feed with organic or compound fertilizer once a week. Protect from direct sun. Propagate by stem cuttings, taken with one leaf. These will root within three to four weeks at a soil temperature of about 25° C (77° F).

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