The Commoner Rock Plants

Androsace sarmentosa. The rock jasmine, with rose and white flowers, appearing in early summer. Plant in peaty loam with plenty of grit, and top-dress the pan with small limestone chips. Give plenty of sunshine and water in summer, but do not over-water in the cold weather. Increase by cuttings in September, or by seeds or division in spring.

Campanula pulla. A small violet bellflower blooming in the summer months. Plant in lime-free or peaty loam, and winter in the cold frame. Increase by seeds or division.

Daphne rupestris. Pink flowers, on a tiny plant 3 or 4 in. high in February. Plant in peaty loam, with a little lime, and stand outside during the summer months. Increase by cuttings or layers.

Androsace sarmentosa

Dianthus alpinus and Dianthus neglectus. Both rose-coloured pinks that flower in June. Plant in gritty, lime-free loam, and winter in the cold frame. Increase by seeds, layers or cuttings.

Gentiana verna. Blue spring flowering gentian. Plant in two parts loam, one part sand, and one part coarse grit or small stone chips. Stand in the open during summer. Increase by seed, or by division in March.

Oxalis adenophylla. Lilac-flowered wood sorrel, blooming in March. Plant in gritty loam. The method of increase is by seeds or division.

Primula farinosa. The “bird’s eye” primrose. Plant in ordinary good potting soil, and re-pot annually after the flowers fade, in May or June. Winter in a cold frame. Increase by seeds or division when re-potting.

Ramondia pyrenaica. Violet flowers with orange centres, in April. Plant in loam, with limestone chips, and give plenty of moisture. Shady position preferred.

Saxifrages. A great number of species, names of which will be found in catalogues. Plant in gritty loam and leaf-mould with top-dressings of stone chips. Beyond care over watering in winter, these usually present no difficulty. Increase by division. Some saxifrages do not need the shelter of the alpine house at all.

Silene acaulis. The moss campion. Pink flowers in June, on plants only 2 in. high. Plant in moist gritty loam and increase by seeds or summer cuttings.

Wahlenbergia serpyllifolia. The thyme-leaved harebell. Violet flowers in June. Plant in sandy peat.

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