The cheapness and ease with which garden pools can be made today have opened a new world to the gardener without a natural pond or stream. He can grow many moisture-loving plants in the boggy area that can be created beside a pool, and true aquatics in the pool itself. There are nurseries to supply the plants, and some excellent books telling him how to make and plant a pool, which must be in the sun and clear from overhanging trees.

Many of the best plants which thrive in moist, sunny places are species, and quite a number of them are natives of Britain. Long years ago, before the wild flowers grew scarce, the streamside was patterned with forget-me-nots, marsh mari- golds, globe flowers, irises, arrowhead, loosestrife, and other lush plants, many at their best after mid-summer. Even tqday, with all the varieties and the exotic species that are available to us, the waterside grows in beauty as the summer advances. Many of the plants have large, even enormous, leaves, and if the giants are too big for you, there is the superb but not overpowering foliage of rodger-sia and rheum, and the cool, delicate leaves of some of the moisture-loving shrubs.

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