T. These conifers belong to the pine family, Pinaceae. They include a number of species for rock gardens and at least two for hedge-making, viz. Thuja occidentalism the American Arbor-Vitac, an extra hardy tree of columnar growth, and T. plicata, the Western Arbor-Vitae. Although an extremely rapid grower, the latter withstands clipping very well and keeps its deep green glossy colour all the year round. Note that T. occidentalis grown as a specimen may ultimately reach 60 ft., T. plicata 100 ft. Thujas prefer cool soils and do not usually thrive on chalky land. They are increased by cuttings of soft shoots in July. Among the species suitable for rock gardens, the following are especially commendable, with the proviso that they are extremely slow-growing. Thuja occidentalis Elwangeriana aurea compacta turns a pleasing golden colour in autumn.

T. orientalis meldensis makes a rounded bluish-green bush which assumes coppery-red hues in autumn.

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