Thymus- Thyme

Small evergreen shrubs; in the catalogues they are classified among hardy perennials.


The common thyme is a culinary herb, not entirely winter-hardy. The ornamental forms are much less tender, ground-covering creepers, flowering profusely in summer. Provide a sunny situation.


Porous sandy soil. Propagation By division, from cuttings, or from seed.

Thymus X atriodorus, lemon-scented thyme: Height 10-25 cm; pale-pink flowers in mid to late summer; the foliage is lemon-scented. ‘Silver Queen’ has dark-green, white-edged leaves.

Thymus serpyllum, creeping thyme: Height 10-15 cm; purple-pink flowers in summer months. In ‘Coccineus’ the flowers are carmine red, in ‘Splendens’ they are dark red.

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