Tiarella- Foam Flower

Creeping hardy perennials with decorative foliage and small white flowers in large spikes.


Tiarella makes charming ground-cover; it tolerates a great deal of shade and has a prolonged flowering season. Very attractive under rhododendrons or placed together with other plants requiring acid, damp soil.


Rich in humus, never dry. Propagation By division or from seed.

Tiarella cordifolia: Height to 20 cm; flowering season late spring and early summer, often longer; white flowers in 10 cm spikes. The long-stalked leaves are lobed like those of the maple and change colour to bronze yellow in autumn. Tiarella wherryi: Height to 30 cm; creamy white, 25 cm tall flower spikes in late spring to late summer. The foliage is pale green with brown spots; its shape resembles that of the ivy.

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