Attractive border plants which do best in slight shade and soil which does not dry out too quickly. They are easily divided in early spring or directly after flowering. They resemble dwarf-growing heucheras — but the leaves are more pointed. Tiarella wherryi has golden-green foliage and feathery spikes of cream-coloured flowers on 1 ft. stems and is in bloom from June to October. Heucherella Bridget Bloom is a bigeneric hybrid, being a cross between a tiarella and a heuchera. It has rose-pink flowers all summer, tolerates sun or partial shade and grows to about 15 in.


Showy bulbous plants which are still too seldom grown by amateurs, although they are inexpensive and quite easy to cultivate. Light, reasonably fertile, well-drained soil and a sunny position are the main essentials. The individual blooms have 3 petals and only last a single day but are very freely produced for several months in summer on 18 in. stems. The basic colour is usually red, pink, yellow or white, with tiger-like markings, usually rose, purple, carmine or yellow. Plant 3 in. deep and 6 in. apart in late March. They appreciate a mulch of leaf mould, damp peat or lawn mowings in dry weather. Tigridias are not reliably hardy and should be lifted in October and stored in a cool, frostproof place. They usually increase fairly quickly by means of offsets which may be detached and replanted at the usual time in spring.

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