Tilia- Lime

Large, deciduous tree which may grow to a great age.


A tree for roads or parks, but in small gardens it is suitable for pleaching. Such clipped trees provide ideal natural protection against the sun; in summer they will keep the house cool and in winter they will not take away too much light.


Any standard garden soil, not too wet.


From seed, by grafting, or from cuttings.

Tilia cordata, small-leaved lime: Height to 20 m; pointed circular leaves, heart-shaped at the base, the reverse blue green and covered in small bundles of hairs. Tilia platyphyllos, large-leaved lime: Height to 30 m; circular to oval leaves with a short point, dull green on the upper surface, the reverse pale green and downy, especially along the veins. Greatly subject to greenfly. There are several forms differing in habit and foliage.

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