Sometimes known as Chinese jasmine, this evergreen climber is grown in a cold greenhouse or outdoors on west walls in very mild localities. Under glass it is planted in a tub or large pot and trained to the greenhouse roof. Trachelospermum jasminoides bears salver-shaped, very fragrant white flowers in summer. The stems and foliage exude a milky juice when cut.

Increase by cuttings of short side shoots in July.

TRADESCANTIA, SPIDERWORT or TRINITY FLOWER P. Easily-grown border plants which are happiest on moist soils. They tolerate shade. The long, rush-like leaves conceal the emerging buds, hence the old-fashioned name of ‘Moses and the Bulrushes’. • Tradescantia will bloom from June to October, provided all dead flowers are removed promptly. They are easily divided in spring. The border kinds are mostly varieties of’Tradescantia virginica reaching 18 in T. v. alba Birch variety is pure white, Iris Prichard white flushed violet, Purple Dome deep violet-blue, J. C. Weguelin, with extra large blooms, azure-blue and Kreisler almost gentian-blue. Valour is a new colour in trades-cantias best described as wine-red. Osprey is another white but with a fluffy blue centre. Tradescantia brevicaulis is a rather shorter-growing species to about 15 in. and is a useful plant for rockeries. Its flowers are rose-red. There are tradescantias grown as room plants .

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