Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan Palm

This plant is named in honour of the renowned British botanist R. Fortune (1812-) who, among other things, introduced many plants to Europe. The genus Trachycarpus has only six species. Under suitable conditions the Chusan Palm grows quite tall and is an ideal plant for growing in a large conservatory or glassed-in veranda. The straight trunk is characteristically covered with dead foliage of previous seasons and topped with fan-shaped leaves. The leaf stalks are toothed on the margin and covered with thick fibres on the inner side. This palm is distributed throughout Burma, China and Japan, where it occurs even at high elevations – up to 2,000 m (6,600 ft) – with low temperatures in winter.

That is why it tolerates low temperatures, even below freezing point, when grown as a cultivated plant. It is one of the hardiest of palms. It does well in a loam and peat substrate mixed with coarse sand which improves the permeability of the medium.

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