Tradescantia- Spiderwort

Hardy perennials with elongated, grass-like leaves and beautiful flowers which only open for a day. Fortunately new ones daily take their place.


A fine border plant for a somewhat shady position. The flowering season is extremely prolonged; the colours combine well with others.


Requires damp, nutritious soil.


Only by division. When increased from seed they will not grow true to type.

Tradescantia andersoniana hybrids: Height 50-60 cm; flowering season early summer to early autumn as large, flat flowers with conspicuous stamens. The leaves are spear-shaped and sharply pointed.

The following are some beautiful cultivars: ‘Alba’, pure-white flowers with blue stamens; ‘James Crawford Weguelin’, large, sky-blue flowers; ‘Innocence’, pure white; ‘Leonora’, violet blue with a white centre; ‘Osprey’, white with violet-blue stamens.

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