Trees For The Small Garden And Patio

The following list gives some of the most valuable trees for the small garden or patio, together with their chief characteristics.

  • Acer japonicum aureum and Acer palmatum atropurpureum. Two varieties of maple, the first golden leaved and the other with purple foliage, of dwarf, bushy growth. These require a sheltered position in the sun, and good soil for the best results. Deciduous. Many other good maples are listed in catalogues.
  • Aesculus carnea. Crimson flowered chestnut. Grows anywhere, and makes a fine specimen on a lawn. Deciduous.
  • Ailanthus glandulosa. The Tree of Heaven. Grown naturally it makes a very large tree, but it can be kept to any size by regular hard pruning in February. The long leaves are very ornamental, and turn yellow in autumn. Deciduous.
  • Catalpa bignonioides. The Indian bean tree. Flowers of white, yellow and purple in late July and August. Makes a broad spreading tree. Grows in ordinary soil. Deciduous.
  • Cercis siliquastrum. The Judas tree. Rose-purple pea flowers on the bare stems in May. Suited to southern gardens. Deciduous.Trees For The Small Garden And Patio
  • Cratmgus coccinea. Scarlet-fruited thorn. A standard tree_ makes a fine specimen. May flowering. Deciduous. Several other thorns make good trees for small gardens, and all grow well in ordinary soil
  • Mespilus germanica. The medlar. A useful lawn tree that keeps its yellow foliage late in the autumn. The fruits are both decorative and edible. It will grow in any ordinary garden soil.
  • Prunus amygdalus. The almond, in dwarf and tall varieties and with double or single flowers. Standards or half-standards make fine specimen trees for lawns. Deciduous. Ordinary soil
  • Prunus Blireiana. A plum with coppery foliage and early flowers (before the leaves) of double pink. As attractive in the garden as the better known purple-leaved plum (P. Pissardii). Grows in ordinary soil.
  • Prunus cerasus serrulata sekiyama. The hizakurea cherry, with coppery young foliage and masses of double pink blossoms. , Deciduous. Ordinary soil.
  • Pyrus malus. The fruiting crab family and the flowering crab), family both come under this heading. There are many varieties, all of which are suitable for the small family garden, and trade lists should be consulted. All are deciduous and grow in any ordinary soil.
  • Pyrus aucuparia. The common mountain ash is as decorative a tree as one can find. There is also a weeping variety obtainable which makes a fine lawn tree. Deciduous, flowering and berrying. Prefers a rather moist loam, but is not generally difficult to cultivate.

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