PEIRESKIA. These plants are natives of tropical America. A few are ornamental and desirable plants. They have the appearance of ordinary shrubs, and bear little resemblance to cacti at all. Their stems are not fleshy but are strong woody trunks with ordinary green though somewhat thick rubberlike leaves. They must be looked upon as a primeval form of cacti, and may constitute the link between the cacti of today and their ancestral forms.

Peireskia aculeata. A climbing shrub. Areoles have I to 3 short hooked spines. Leaves long, elliptical, pointed and short-stalked, with a prominent mid-rib. Flowers whitish and strongly perfumed. This plant is often used as stock for grafting Zygocactus truncatus.

Peireskia godseffiana. This plant has beautifully coloured leaves, red, apricot-yellow, and green on the upper side, and reddish-purple on the under side.

Peireskia grandifolia. This plant bears rose-red flowers, and is perhaps the bestspeciesforcultivation.

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