TRITONIA Blazing Star

In its most usual form the blooms of the Blazing Star are about 2 in. across – vibrant orange cups with yellow centres. It is sometimes confused with Crocosmia to which it is closely related, but unfortunately Tritonia is even less hardy. Grow it if you live in a mild area – otherwise don’t bother to try.

VARIETIES: There is just one popular species – T. crocata. The sword-like leaves are erect and each branching flower stem bears a double row of blooms in early summer. If there is a threat of frost, cover the crowns with bracken, peat or ashes. Several named varieties are available – non-orange examples include ‘Roseline’ (pink) and ‘White Beauty’ (white).

SITE AND SOIL: A well-drained, sheltered spot in full sun is essential.

PLANT DETAILS: Planting time September. Planting depth 2 in.

Spacing: 6 in. Height 1/2 ft.

Flowering period: May-June.

PROPAGATION: Remove offsets after lifting overcrowded clumps. Replant in September.

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