Trollius- Globe Flower

Hardy perennials with globular flowers, consisting largely of coloured calyxes.


Fine border plants, combining well with other plants; some shade is tolerated. Also excellent for cutting.


Standard garden soil, not too wet.


By division or from seed.

Trollius chinensis syn Trollius ledebourii: Height 60-100 cm; clusters of orange-yellow flowers in late spring to mid summer. Recommended is ‘Golden Queen’, 100 cm, flowers late.

Tollius hybrids: Height to 90 cm; flowering season early to mid summer. Well known fine orange strains are ‘Etna’, ‘Goliath’, ‘Orange Princess’ and ‘Prichard’s Giant’. Yellow are ‘Earliest of All’, ‘Glory of Leyden’, ‘Gold-quelle’ and ‘Lemon Queen’. The flowering seasons of the various strains may differ by several weeks.

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