Tropaeolum- Nasturtium, Indian Cress

Annuals with large, shield-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers.


There are dwarf forms as well as climbing strains, and now also profusely flowering bedding plants with flowers in shades of rose red, salmon pink and yellow.


The soil must not contain too much nitrogen, which will produce an excess of foliage.


Sow in mid spring under glass, or in late spring out of doors. Keep the plants 30 cm or more apart.

Tropaeolum majus: Height 15-200 cm; orange, yellow, salmon coloured, red etc flowers in summer. There are dwarf strains, bedding forms with fringed or double flowers or with dark-brown foliage, but also tall climbers which must be trained on netting or some other support. Tropaeolum peregrinum, canary creeper: Climbing plant, to 2 m in height; small, graceful yellow flowers from mid summer to early autumn. The leaves are 5-lobed.

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