Typha- Reed Mace, Cat-tail

Very strong water plant, in autumn developing the well known cigar-shaped inflorescence.


Attractive in any pond, but the plants are extremely invasive; for average-sized ponds it is advisable to choose the smaller species. The inflorescence contains both the male and the female flowers. Likes sun or partial shade.


In artificial ponds they are usually planted in containers filled with potting soil covered with a layer of white sand.


By division in spring.

Typha angustifolia: To 2.5 m in height; the leaves are 3- mm across.

Typha latifolia: Height also to 2.5 m, broader leaves, 12-20 mm.

Typha minima: Height 50-75 cm, the inflorescence small and barrel-shaped. This attractive species is particularly useful for small ponds.

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