Ulmus- Elm

Large deciduous trees, subject to Dutch elm disease, against which little can be done. However, not all species are sensitive to it.


The larger species are road and parkland trees; smaller species and strains are used in gardens.


Friable soil, not too dry.


From seed, by grafting, or from cuttings.

Ulmus glabra: Height to 30 m; obovate leaves, to 16 mm long, oblique at the base. Well known weeping forms are ‘Camperdownii’, the Camperdown elm, and ‘Pendula’, weeping wych elm.

Ulmus minor syn Ulmus carpinifolia, smooth-leaved elm: Height to 10 m; oval to oblong leaves, 5-10 cm long. ‘Dampieri’ is columnar in shape and has green foliage; ‘Wredei’ is the well known golden elm – a narrow column with golden-yellow foliage, the leaves lying close to the twigs. ‘Dicksonii’ is a golden cone.

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