Unusual Containers for Houseplants

Unusual Containers for Houseplants

Showing off your plants

When looking for containers in which to show off your plants, remember that all plants, with the exception of cacti, enjoy a certain degree of humidity. In the house you can provide humidity by putting several plants together in a container so that they will give each other moisture, creating what is known as a micro-climate. This can be done in conventional plastic or glass fibre troughs and containers. These modern containers fit well in some decors – but often there is scope for using something more unusual.

The first requirement is that the containers are water-proof or can be made so. Secondly, the plants must be arranged so that the container is not completely hidden, or alternatively just hidden enough to make the casual visitor look a little closer to see what is holding the plants.

Unusual containers

  • military kettle drum (with military crest)
  • Victorian hip bath
  • wooden or wicker cradle or small cot
  • coal or log buckets
  • children’s or miniature wheelbarrows
  • old Victorian or Edwardian cooking pots or pans
  • old foot bath
  • lavatory pan
  • lavatory cistern

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