Using Fruit And Vegetables In Flower Arrangements

Using Fruit And Vegetables In Flower Arrangements

There are many beautiful vegetables for the flower arranger to choose from; many of them, though by no means all, are botanically speaking ‘fruits’, but whichever their classification, they are certainly decorative enough to be used.

Mushrooms can look most attractive in certain situations. They can be displayed the right way up or turned so that their pretty undersides are on view. A cocktail stick inserted in the fleshy centre of the tops of those which are to show their undersides, or in the stem bases of others, will enable you to arrange them quite easily.

Sweet corn is so heavy that it can be difficult to arrange, which is a pity because in large arrangements it can be so effective. I use strong, long florist’s wires and pull them tightly around the stem of the cob to make a double leg mount. This is then fixed to a cane and the best way to do this is to lay one of the wires close to the cane, holding it there while the other leg is passed around, binding its fellow to the cane at the same time. Finally as an extra precaution I use a little transparent sticky tape at the top of the cane to fix all firmly in place. After mounting the corn this way the cob can be gently moved to assume the required position or angle as you exert pressure at the point where the wires were twisted around.

You can make some really effective large arrangements by using the cobs as flowers. To do this cut the outer sheath so that you can turn the tissues back to resemble petals with the cob as the flower’s centre. In arrangements of this type the outsize pampas grass can be used. Other suitable components on the same scale are the deep brown lotus seed heads which can be bought from specialist shops. Artichokes and cardoons are also effective.

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