Using Plants in Christmas Decorations

Plants can form part, or become the focal point, of Christmas decorations. Use them in a fireplace scheme, on a table, at a window, or even to replace a Christmas tree.

Choosing what to decorate

If you have a large house plant, consider whether it could provide a decorative alternative to the usual Fir tree. If you have ever had a Christmas tree that lost all its needles, to cover the carpet beneath instead, you will recognize the advantages of an alternative ‘tree’.

Plants can also be used very effectively in a table decoration, or along the sill as part of a window scene. A grand fireplace arrangement can be created with a flowering plant and a mass of trailing evergreen. When you have decided on the area you want to use, decide on a colour scheme.

Picking a colour scheme

There are many flowering plants available at Christmas to fit in with a traditional red and green theme, but there are others in a range of colours to co-ordinate with almost any theme.

If you want a pink and silver scheme, use pink and silver baubles, silver garlands and pink ribbon; or use silver and white, introducing white candles and splattering cones or fir with ‘snow’ made from detergent held in place with wallpaper paste (paint on the paste then sprinkle detergent over). A woodland scheme of green and brown, with nuts and cones highlighted with gold spray, can also be effective. Use dried straw flowers to add rusty tints.

A Christmas ‘tree’

Most large plants with branches can be transformed into a decorative ‘tree’. Hang small Christmas lights and lightweight decorations and presents from the branches.

Decorating the tableUsing Plants in Christmas Decorations

Use a low plant to form the centre of a Christmas table decoration. This could be surrounded by fruit and nuts. Fruits look very effective when frosted. To do this first paint the fruit with egg white, then shake caster sugar over this. The caster sugar sticks to the egg white, lightly coating the fruit with frost.

A tiny wrapped present decorated with a sprig of holly could be placed at each setting, or a tiny sprig of dried flowers or herbs attached to a ribbon might form a delightful decorative napkin ring.

Window arrangements

Decorating the window provides a festive view from both inside and out, so bear in mind both aspects when planning a scheme. Use a line of matching plants interspersed with candles, cones, or other decorative accessories to suit the theme.

Using a fireplace

A fireplace forms a perfect background for a Christmas display. Use one large plant in the centre of the mantelpiece, and then trail ivy and other evergreen foliage along the top and down each side, adding ribbon, baubles or candles.

Alternatively you can use two matching plants, one at each end of the mantelpiece, and hang below it a garland of evergreens and scarlet flowers or berries.

An easy way to do this is to use two equal lengths of rope. Wind one around the other and then weave sprig ends into this, then wire in place. Overlay . Each sprig so that it covers the wired-in end of the previous one. Hang the garland from hooks screwed into the underside of the shelf at each end.

Pine, cinnamon sticks and scented candles will all help to provide an aromatic display.

Plants to pick

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